Wherever taxi exist

The application shows the most beneficial taxi in any city. When ordering transport, you choose the car and the fare.

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Our mission

"To give the opportunity to customers of passenger transportation and cargo transportation to communicate with performers directly without any restrictions, intermediaries and additional (temporary and financial) costs. Create a quality taxi service that does not destroy the market with unreasonable price dumping and it is not a regular financial pyramid"

WebTaxi.mobi: Profitable for everyone - Beneficial to everyone! "

Dmytro Rakitianskyi - CEO, Founder

What is WebTaxi.mobi?

The WebTaxi service is a system that connects the provider and consumer of transport services directly. Simply put, this is a system for ordering transport without intermediaries. The system consists of two applications: WebTaxi Driver is an application for transport drivers, and WebTaxi Client is an application for customers, and both are collectively users of the system.

How it works?

Customer registration

  • The simplest form with the minimum set of necessary data
  • Automatic filling of your name and phone number
  • Integration with Viber for making free calls

Book now

  • Simple form without unnecessary information
  • Ability to choose a category: taxi car, taxi wagon, truck, technical care, minibus, avia taxi
  • By default, if there is a GPS, the departure point will be determined automatically
  • Ability to choose a route from the history
  • Availability of a large set of additional parameters

Departure and destination points

  • Enter the address with autocomplete (this option is activated by default as often used)
  • GPS location, city map and history selection
  • Ability to correct inaccuracies and errors when determining by GPS and on the map

Route from history

  • Storing trip routes by frequency of use
  • Ability to edit part of the route if necessary

Always with a car!

  • Ability to select the nearest free driver from the offered options
  • Ability to autosearch - the system will automatically assign you a driver without having to go through options
  • Communication with the dispatchers of ordinary taxi services of your city guarantees you a car in the absence of free drivers WebTaxi.mobi

Information about the driver

  • Extended information about the selected driver and his car
  • Grouping information on the importance - the most important in sight
  • 10% discount for each trip
  • An opportunity to evaluate the quality of services of the selected driver

Waiting for the car

  • Vehicle arrival timer with countdown
  • Voice support of important messages and notifications
  • Monitoring of late arrival of the driver
  • Integration with Viber for free communication with the driver

Client Security

  • The presence of an alarm button in the extended information about the driver
  • Sending SMS about danger to your relative with information: name and phone number of the driver, car number, trip route
  • Your safety in your hands: when you sit in the car, check the data in the application with real data: model, color and number of cars


  • Ability to form a preliminary order
  • Presence of a history of orders with information about the car and data of drivers
  • Ability to receive 13% and 15% discounts for every 5th trips for active users of the service

Any transport for you

Taxi, taxi wagon, truck, minibus, technical assistance or air taxi - WebTaxi.mobi will find for you any transport in two clicks

Mobile application WebTaxi.mobi

Install the free client mobile application WebTaxi.mobi

and you will get unlimited access to all free drivers of your city!

The application is available for download on the Google Store (for Android platform)